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What is this all about?

A group of dedicated WAFL lovers were discussing the lack of availability of WAFL footage on DVD when they stumbled across the website http://www.safootballvideoarchive.webs.com/. Thinking the idea looked an ideal solution to their problem, they quickly amassed as much WAFL material as possible and set up this website, which is aimed at collecting and trading WAFL footage which is not available elsewhere.

Why haven't the WAFL already done this?

We believe there are two reasons. Firstly, there's probably no money in it and, secondly, they simply don't have the footage. And, before you say 'why don't they get the vision from Channel 7?', well that's because Channel 7 chucked it all out years ago. All they have are the Grand Finals and State games, many of which aren't even complete.

How do I get access to this footage?

Well, firstly, nothing here is for sale. We make no money out of this and, in fact, it costs us money. The only way to obtain footage from this website is to come up with a trade. We will accept WAFL footage, State game footage and documentaries on WA football. You can supply them to us in whatever format is convenient (ie DVD, VHS video or even BETA video) and we will add it to the archive. The amount of material you will receive in return depends on the footage you supply. Also, it is important to note not all footage is available for trade. Some of the material in the archive has been provided by third parties only after we have given an undertaking not to on-trade the footage. If such an undertaking has been given, we stick to it. However, we do not usually give such undertakings without good reason.

Exactly how do you decide how much "credit" I get in exchange for the vision I supply?

Well, that depends on a) the quality, b) the format - which determines how much work we have to do, and c) the age of the vision itself. It's all done through negotiations with you and there are no hard and fast rules. You just come to an agreement with whichever member of the waflvideoarchive team returns your emails. We do, however, cut all the advertisements out of the footage, along with promos or unwatchable sections. The credit is based only on the footy, interviews, analysis etc.

So, how do you transfer the footage and how can I do it myself?

We use a purpose-built LG DVD-to-VHS transfer machine. However, other brands, including Panasonic and Sony, make machines which are just as good. All these machines have different settings which determine the quality of the vision being recorded on to a disc. For the avoidance of doubt, we use a setting which allows no more than 1.5-2 hours on a single 4.7Gig DVD. If you want to do the transfer yourself, please avoid using any process which involves a computer. Most computer programmes do a poor job of transferring and give strange results. The archive is stored on large computer hard drives for easy burning and, when transferring to the drive, lack of quality becomes patently obvious.

How do we get this footage to you?

You can drop it off yourself by prior arrangement with a member of the team, all of whom can be contacted via email at waflvideoarchive@yahoo.com.au or, alternatively, you can post it in. Just get in touch and we'll sort it out.

Why do you not have some games?

Our archive is based entirely on other people's video collections. We don't have any magical access to games from the past and we are trying to put together a good collection of games/highlights from all years. If we don't have something you are seeking, then you'll have to be patient and hope we find a copy (usually on VHS in somebody's shed) in the near future.

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9th July 1983 - East Fremantle v Subiaco

7th June 1986 - WAFL - Claremont v Perth

12th May 1984 - WAFL - Swan Districts v West Perth